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This is the world´s toughest Beatbox Battle and a fantastic event for all Beatbox friends!

Worldwide, only the 7 best beatboxer be invited. The eighth beatboxer is the winner of a wildcard.
Women and men can participate in this battle. This is certainly new and very exciting.
In a knock-out sytem is decided which of the invited beatboxer may nominate themselves for the "Emperor of MiC".
This competition pays special attention to technique, musicality, performance and new beatbox skills

After the competition, all participants and judges remain for 1 week in Graz. We organize parties, events, trips and jams.
Hotel expenses, airfare and excursions all of the participants are paid by the organizer.

All participants are potential winners and favorites - because they are among the best in the world. A nomination to the Emperor of MiC is like a spezial award!

Emperor of MiC 2013 is Babeli from Germany

Here you can see all the tourism information from wikipedia.
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Graz - Infos about the old city.